Academic English Courses: ESL Classes in Toronto

Academic English Courses: Specialized English

For more advanced learners, CES Toronto offers academic english courses at our campus in downtown Toronto. Many learners graduate to this level from general english, or come to improve their english, to prepare for the workplace.

Business English

An ideal course for students seeking to improve their communication in English-speaking business environments. Students in this course will learn business vocabulary and language forms, research and presentation skills, and global business issues. Students will also prepare thematic weekly projects using listening / reading materials taken from various relevant sources.

Hospitality English

This is a learning experience designed for individuals looking to use English in the hospitality and tourism industry. Course materials cover a variety of essential topics such as travel and tourism, telephone etiquette, and English for presentations, meeting and correspondence, and office management. Students are also given the opportunity to explore the hospitality industry in Toronto.

Applied English for History, Arts and Culture

A course perfectly suited for students looking to immerse in the Canadian and Toronto culture both inside and outside the classroom. This course provides practical, real world opportunities to expand English language skills and discover the history and culture of Canada and Toronto at the same time.

Applied English for Social Media

For students who are professionally or personally interested in social and digital media, this course provides the opportunity to learn the necessary language to navigate and utilize a variety of social media platforms and discuss relevant issues associated with their global use, while providing real world applications (from school to career) of the social media landscape.

Exam Preparation

Our TOEFL, IELTS, and TOEIC test preparation courses are designed to teach students the valuable test-taking and language skills necessary to successfully navigate and pass standardized tests of English proficiency.

Legal English

Designed for legal professionals and law students, this course offers practical and communicative language learning using both authentic and textbook-based listening and reading materials. Students will be tested in legal jargon and do a weekly presentation on a real-world case scenarios. (available June 2016)

Private Tutoring

One-to-one, academic english courses with a skills-matched instructor providing students with fundamental skills prior to engaging in group classes or as an extra support program based on individual needs.

Medical English

Designed for medical professionals and health care workers, administrators, and students, this course structured and contextualized classes using both authentic and textbook-based listening and reading materials. Students will be tested in medical jargon and do weekly projects based on real-world case scenarios. (available July 2016)

Presentation Skills

Developed for Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate level students seeking to improve their confidence in public speaking and fluency in naturally spoken English. In this course, students engage in meaningful guided discussions, debate on a wide-range of relevant social topics and issues, and prepare presentations based on weekly thematic points using relevant research and learned speaking skills.

Pronunciation and Listening

Developed for Elementary and Pre-Intermediate level students, this course helps students understand and produce more natural forms of English while targeting pronunciation points common in first language transfer. Using popular songs, TV shows and films, and a variety of communicative activities, students explore and perfect the nuances of the English language.

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