ESL lessons for adults in Toronto - make new friends too at CES Toronto

ESL Lessons Through Social Activities!

Our Social Activities Coordinator organizes after-school activities after ESL lessons, allowing students to participate in new experiences which are culturally enriching. Many of the activities provide each student with an opportunity to be a part of the Toronto or Canadian culture.  Each month a new calendar is created, including optional weekend activities and events. Our Social Activities Coordinator carefully plans and chooses activities and events each month, catering to all diverse interests.

Students can pick and choose which activities to attend or participate in. Some activities have an associated reasonable fee, but most of them are FREE!

All students are highly recommended to participate, as they will be able to practice their communication skills that they have developed and also enjoy a fun, new experience.

Students looking for an adventure outside of Toronto can also purchase day or weekend trips to French Canada, Niagara Falls, New York City, Chicago and more with the help of our coordinator using our international student trip provider, ISX.

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