CES Toronto Students Learning English

English Learning Classes: Our Mission

We inspire…

… our students by offering integrated academic skills classes that allow for team and independent work, exposure to relevant global topics, and practice for real-life situations.

We enrich…

… our students by creating an inclusive environment that offers opportunities to learn about other cultures, experience Canadian life, and integrate fully in a multicultural school and city.

We educate…

… our students by providing individual-focused courses that target the students’ language needs, skill objectives, and personal goals.

The CES Active English Method

At CES, we recognize that learning another language successfully requires more than just a textbook and a lecture. Our goal-focused program uses a communicative approach to language learning that is facilitated by:

A dynamic, student-focused environment that…

... integrates diverse personal skills
... promotes individual participation
... encourages commitment to studies

A strong, personal support system that…

... is offered by dedicated, experienced instructors
... is provided by enthusiastic, helpful staff
... is facilitated by friendly, knowledgeable administrators