English Lessons: General English Courses

CES Toronto’s General English Courses are structured so that you learn quickly on how to apply proper grammar in writing and the right phrasing in your conversational english. Each course is taught in-class, and with small class sizes at our conveniently located campus, a 1-minute walk from the Wellesley subway station.

Once you have completed the courses below, you have the option to continue on to CES Toronto’s specialized english courses, which offer more in-depth english training.

Want to try it out? We offer sample classes where you can sit in on a class and see if our approach is the right option for you to take your english to the next level! Inquire here

Active Grammar

This course offers a communicative curriculum where students learn essential grammar in structured and contextualized lessons. The course also focuses on developing learning skills such as reading / listening for gist, meaning and details, and learning vocabulary by context.

Active Speaking

Offering a topic-based curriculum with skills-focused levels, students are given the opportunity to learn naturally spoken English through the aid of meaningful and context-based activities and materials. Students will have the ability to learn practical speaking skills such as readily using new vocabulary, describing opinions and ideas, and bridging communication gaps.

Active Writing

This course provides the foundations of academic writing (from sentence level to paragraph level to essay level). The course focuses on skills practice, essay structure and grammar accuracy, and proper use of academic vocabulary to help students prepare university-level essays.

Essential English

Focusing on the language necessary to live and travel in an English-speaking environment, this course is aimed at quickly increasing the communicative fluency of Beginner to Elementary level students through the exploration of functional pieces of language with authentic materials and guided real world practice.

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