ESL Classes in Toronto for Teens

ESL Classes in Toronto for Teens: Custodianship Letter

Most of our students enrolled in our programs come to Canada without their parents. Students under the age of 18 years is considered a minor and must have a legal custodian (guardian). The legal custodian acts as the primary contact between the school and family, and is responsible for the student’s well-being while living in Toronto.

The legal custodian must be a Canadian Citizen residing in Toronto. For students who will be living with a relative in Toronto, the relative can be the legal custodian. If a student coming to Canada does not have a relative, our Junior Program Coordinator can act as the legal custodian. If students / families require this service, our coordinator will sign and submit a custodianship agreement (notarized) between himself/herself and the student’s family.

The cost of a custodianship letter: $150.00 CAD