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After majoring in English at the University of Toronto, Ann decided to dedicate herself to a career teaching English. Though she is a young teacher, she has had much experience working with various age groups from toddlers to mature professionals. Her teaching philosophy includes plenty of laughter in the classroom because she believes students acquire language best when they are having fun.
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Having taught English for 12 years and obtaining a TESL Canada certification, Clement’s focus is for his experience, knowledge and dedication to enhance the experience and goals of his students. He has taught all levels of general and specialized English programs and continues to develop in various skill-specific courses. He has a BA in Social Studies from York University and enjoys reading and traveling.
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Deniz has been teaching ESL since 2009 and has taught learners of many different nationalities in the United States and her native Turkey. She has a range of teaching skills and approaches as well as a keen understanding of needs of learners with varied backgrounds. Deniz has a Master’s degree in English Translation and is currently in the Cambridge DELTA Program, which she is set to complete this summer. Having lived in seven different countries, she can relate well to a student’s journey towards language proficiency and provide the support and guidance they need.
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Hannah’s love for teaching learners of English has been reflected in her nine years of teaching experience, both in Canada and abroad. With a BA in Sociology and an MA in Korean History, as well as a TESOL certification, Hannah believes that the learning never stops, and encourages her students to also explore new boundaries with their English education.
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Jess is originally from the mystical land of seafood and high tides on the eastern border of Canada. Tired of the seaside, she came to Toronto after spending a couple years in China teaching the most adorable young learners. Her experience in China led her to entering in a Masters of Education program at the University of Toronto where she is focusing on second language acquisition and education. Her current studies have been helping her improve and develop as a teacher, and prepare and deliver learner-centered lessons based off her students’ needs.
English lessons in Toronto with CES Toronto instructors
Born and raised in Toronto, Jonathan has taught students from all over the world and from all walks of life. After completing his CELTA certification eight years ago, Jonathan has developed an extensive teaching experience in both general and specialized programs. Today, Jonathan works with both students and teachers to create a positive and productive learning environment for everyone at CES. When he isn’t in the classroom or his office, Jonathan spends his time watching the Toronto Raptors, and playing and testing board games.
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Jonathan loves helping people learn. Students in his English class should be ready to have fun, but also to work hard! Jonathan graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a degree in journalism, and he worked as a writer before he became an English teacher. Jonathan’s hobbies are sports, literature, history, and science.
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Kate has spent many years travelling, living and working in other countries. Most recently, she taught English in a Korean middle school before returning to Toronto to teach English as a Second Language. She has a B.A. in Radio and Television Arts and an M.A. in International Relations. Kate enjoys teaching students from around the world and exchanging opinions, stories, and ideas.
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A Russian-born Canadian, Nat has taught English to students from around the world for over 15 years. She had a chance to receive a valuable cultural experience while teaching in China. The thing she appreciates most about teaching is communication with people from all walks of life and learning from them. Her professional ambition is to become a teacher-trainer and help young teachers to develop in the field A mother of a wonderful boy, she stays active and enjoys traveling, hiking, reading, trying new restaurants and watching live theatre performances.
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Priscila carries a BA in Arts, and she is also certified by TESL Canada. In over 10 years, her career has flourished into a solid ESL background in teaching English as a foreign language in diverse learning environments, as well as working with literacy for adults.
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Serene would like to be a part of world where everyone can communicate effectively in one language, but that would mean that she would lose out on opportunities to do what she does best – teaching! As a teacher with eight years of experience in Canada and abroad, she has garnered a reputation for being an approachable, knowledgeable and lovable teacher. She has a passion for thesis statements and will not rest until passive sentences can be understood and written by everyone. And yes, she loves to laugh!
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Tonia has been teaching English to speakers of other languages since 2009. With a BA in Linguistics from the University of Toronto and certification from TESOL Canada at Humber College, Tonia has taught English in Italy, Brazil, and Canada. Alongside teaching, she is currently working towards an MA degree in Communications & Culture at York University. She has also been a lifelong learner of languages including Italian, French, Serbo-Croatian, and Portuguese.